2021 update: Easy Read guidance for those with lymphoedema (endorsed by the BLS)

2 Apr 2021
Patients and public
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The Lymphoedema Network Northern Ireland (LNNI) project team were delighted to work with the ‘Telling it like it is’ (TILII) project. TILII is a group of adults with a learning disability who are keen to have their voice heard, and is part funded by the Belfast, South-Eastern and Western  Health and Social Care Trusts, with groups operating within local communities and hospital settings. The full impact of the TILII work and outcomes achieved has resulted in them winning ‘The People’s Award’ at the National Learning and Disability Awards in Northern Ireland. This is supported by the Association for Real Change (ACR), which is committed to increasing the capacity of people with a learning disability to have a say in issues that affect their lives. In particular, we would like to thank Louise Hughes from TILII and Angela Crocker, SLT BHSCT, for their guidance and support with this development. It is fabulous to have it endorsed by the BLS and we hope that it will also be beneficial for other services.