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30 Aug 2021
Lymphoedema Support Network
The Lymphoedema Support Network have launched a free module ‘Clinical Pointers: managing lymphoedema and chronic oedema in primary care’....
22 Aug 2021
The British Lymphology Society’s have launched a set of guidance leaflets to help everyone become more active! MEET YOUR SECRET WEAPONS...
20 Jun 2021
The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) is working in partnership with the plastic surgery team at the Royal Marsden Hospital to develop research into...
17 May 2021
LNNI is pleased to release the new 2021 ‘at risk’ advice leaflet for those who have had breast cancer treatments and who are at risk of developing...
5 May 2021
The Children’s Lymphoedema Specialist Interest Group (CLSIG) of the British Lymphology Society (BLS) is very happy to announce that the next children...