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6 Mar 2021
British Lymphology Society
Your lymphatic system needs movement, stretching and activity to remove the fluid and cells from your tissues that the body doesn't need. This doesn'...
6 Mar 2021
British Lymphology Socie
Coronavirus Vaccine Advice: February 2021 Please advise anyone who has lymphoedema that lymph node swelling can be a side effect of any vaccine...
14 Jan 2021
Lymphoedema Support Network
The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) have published the following letter from their patron, Prof Peter Mortimer, regarding the COVID-19 vaccination...
25 Oct 2020
LNNI is happy to announce the launch of the following at the 2020 BLS Conference: 2020 Chronic Oedema best practice document 2020 BLS Red...