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6 Mar 2021
British Lymphology Socie
Coronavirus Vaccine Advice: February 2021 Please advise anyone who has lymphoedema that lymph node swelling can be a side effect of any vaccine...
14 Jan 2021
Lymphoedema Support Network
The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) have published the following letter from their patron, Prof Peter Mortimer, regarding the COVID-19 vaccination...
25 Oct 2020
LNNI is happy to announce the launch of the following at the 2020 BLS Conference: 2020 Chronic Oedema best practice document 2020 BLS Red...
13 Sep 2020
Lipoedema UK
Dear Members, As the year has flown by, it is time for another AGM. Whilst we are sorry not to be able to meet in person this year, we hope you’ll...